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I'm Syra!

I am that Mom that wants to have it all, while reversing generational poverty and adapting to the modern future of Motherhood. Ya, bring it on. 

My childhood wasn’t the best but I always had a dream that I could somehow fill that void in my heart with a beautiful family of 2 kids, a Dad and a big warm house. And the void was filled the moment my daughter and my son were born so I took it upon myself to work hard to support them and give them everything I had in me. Over the years Motherhood slowly tore me apart because I was not mentally and emotionally prepared for Motherhood, and all the unexpected surprises it came with (otherwise known as postpartum depression). Unfortunately, my Mom was not available to guide me throughout childhood due to her mental illness and had passed away by the time I turned 19.  

Learning how to accept and navigate motherhood was hard because I wanted to make sure I was doing enough to give my kids everything I didn't have as a kid, so I gave all my energy to my kids and not enough towards myself or my goals that it left me drained out every night. So I gave up and I had to start from scratch (to figure this motherhood out for myself), so that I can be a better role model for my family. I worked really hard and gave myself lots of time for self healing, love and understanding to be the best Mom I can be for my family. 

My journey has been a long one and throughout that time I was extremely grateful to have had lots of inspiration, guidance and support from my life partner, family and friends to reach my goals of changing those poor generational habits. It is hard to reverse them, and of course it takes lots of extra energy, but it's worth it because at least I know I am forming the generation ahead of me.

MY journey as a mother

a special note to my readers

I would like to thank you for reading my story and taking the time to be on my blog learning or just browsing. And I hope that you will find something from me that will inspire you to try or share with someone special in your life. And always remember that the journey never stops as we never stop learning and evolving to be better than we were yesterday. And if i could say to anyone reading this, be easy on yourself, be kind and true to yourself, aim high and give yourself the time and patience to understand the past, present and future. 



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