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It's Time to Take the First Step Towards Your Self-Care Journey!

I’m Syra Gonsalves, and I will be your self-care coach!

In my new 4 week program, we will work together to focus on your self-care needs.

Moms shouldn't have to feel guilty about taking their self-care time when they deserve it, Whether you're a new Mom, a busy Mom, a single Mom or even a LGBQT Mom! I understand that raising kids is a hard and exhausting job. That's why I’m here to ease your mental load while coaching you to achieve that perfect balance between everything you do!

So, for a limited time I will be delivering my program live over zoom giving you a very personal 1:1 experience at an affordable cost to join.

No matter what kind of Mom you are, making transitions through Motherhood takes time and energy so you will have my accountability support for up to 6 months giving you enough support through transitions. 

I can personally help you to:

Form New Habits 
Balance Your Energy
Create Easier Routines 
Ease Your Mental Stress
Find Your Goals & Passions
Find More Time For Yourself 
Improve Your Mental Strength 

Focusing on you and outlining all of your self-care goals

week 1

week 2

Analyzing your routines, habits and energy levels

Working together to find the best & easiest solutions to creating your perfect balance

week 3

week 4

Implement a strategy to help you realign your goals within a 6 month time frame

Programs begin July 1st 2021 and each week we will have a live 1:1 session for 1 hour at your selected day & time

and let me help you take the next step towards your self-care goals!

So Take Control Now

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Working with Syra not only boosted my motherhood confidence but my overall self-confidence. She understood me so much by the 2nd week and I felt really comfortable talking to her. I was happy with the plan she gave me and my overall results.

- Rebecca,
GTA, Mother of 2 

The moment I met Syra the weight just lifted off my shoulders, I was really stressed out and I had so much mental blockage and frustrations that I couldn't even think about what to do next. Everything was piling up on me and I could barely keep up with my responsibilities dragging me down. Syra came in and cleared everything up and definitely gave me a strategy for the future! Thanks Syra for all your efforts. I would definitely recommend this program if you're feeling frustrated or confused about your goals as a Mom.

- Sharlene 
Ontario, Mother of 3 

WOW, This pandemic has really changed my role as a Mother and Syra’s coaching helped put everything I was doing into perspective, she went through my whole schedule and showed me how the kids were draining me and showed me easy ways to keep the kids busy while I get my job done, and I can’t wait to send her my progress report in 6 months!

- Amanda
Toronto, Mother of 3 

I felt a bit of relief the first week after talking to Syra and by the 4th week I felt so much more relief in my mind and my muscles, she really pays attention to my needs and I just wanted someone to guide me in my journey. I am glad to have tried her program when I needed it. 

- Mila 
Ontario, new Mother of 1 

Disclaimer: This program is delivered live and not prerecorded. This program is exclusive to Canadians Moms only and is suitable for single, married, new or young Moms. Deposit is required to reserve your spot and the program fee is billed 1 day before your program begins. Program closes once all spaces are filled, please email to reserve your spot for the next program. Consultation is required in order to sign up, and will be scheduled accordingly. Weekly meetings will be 1 hour length using preferred platforms Zoom or Google Meet.

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