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Random Craft Activity

Random Craft Activity

Random Craft Activity

Teaching Skills:  creativity, parent bonding, or independent play, reusing materials   

Age Appropriate For: 7-8 years old 

Focused Time: 15 mins+

Materials: random craft materials from your home or anything you don’t need.

I pulled out some random supplies and materials and this little girl’s creativity kicked in so fast I didn’t even get a chance to give her all the different materials I had to use. So set aside about 5 minutes to find supplies and brainstorm ideas and hopefully the rest should give you about 15 minutes free time. 

Step 1 

Places to look for random supplies: 

  • kitchen cupboards
  • recycling bin
  • bedrooms
  • outdoors
  • backyard
  • home garage
  • basement

Step 2 

Once you have collected enough random materials, then brainstorm and come up with creative ideas that can be made from the supplies.

Step 3 

It’s your choice if you want this to be an independent or parent bonding activity based on the amount of time you have. However, kids enjoy this activity either way.

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Let me know if this recording activity was fun for you and your child and If you need routine or activity scheduling for you or the kids then connect here to work with me. As always, be sure to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest, and don’t forget to join my FREE private Facebook group “Mommy For Life”!

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