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Spring Planting Activity

Spring Planting Activity


Teaching Skills: Seasonal planting, getting down and dirty   

Age Appropriate For: 5-6 years old 

Focused Time: 15 mins+

Materials: 1 bag of topsoil, shovel, any size plant pot, water, any type of baby plant sprouted (found at your local garden or grocery store)

My fiance is in charge of our home gardening. So, every spring he loves to go out and buy all his materials and supplies for building his garden. This year, gardening has been extra special for us because of the pandemic and how important it is to be teaching our kids about planting and growing food in springtime!    

Step 1 

First, plan and block off at least 20 minutes to do this activity with the kids. Once you and the kids are ready, start by filling the plant pot with soil up to 3/4 high. 

Step 2 

Make a little hole in the soil to insert the baby plant. Fill around the rest of the remaining pot space with more soil.

Step 3 

Gently pat down the soil first and then add enough water to soak up the soil.

Step 4 

Talk to your child about the importance of planting and growing. Have them be in charge of maintaining their own baby plants. Once you’re done with this activity, set a scheduled time and day with your kids to water their plants about 2 times every week and let them watch them grow!

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