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Spring Worm Activity

Spring Worm Activity


Teaching Skills: seasonal hunting, exploring, spring creatures    

Age Appropriate For: 5-6 years old 

Focused Time: 15 mins+

Materials: small bucket, plastic fork, rainy forecast – optional: gloves 

If your kids are as wild and brave as my kids, then lookout for a super rainy day to head outside and go on a really gross worm hunt. Although it was super hard for me to stick around for this activity, it was fun to see them exploring their free spirits to the fullest!

Step 1 

Ask your kids if they want to go on a worm hunt. Check your forecast for a day with heavy rain and near lots of grass, maybe a park or field. Put aside about 15-30 minutes for this activity on the day of. 

Step 2 

Get your materials ready and head out to begin searching for worms near grass.

Step 3 

Use your forks to gently scoop up the worms carefully without hurting them, and put them in your bucket. Spend some time observing their behaviours and movements.

Step 4 

When you’re done with the worms in this activity, you can bring them home and dump them on your grass for extra fertilization! Or you can dump them back on any grass so they can return to their natural habitat.

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